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Jenna Deubler Counseling Services, LLC

The brain is a lot like the Cosmos flowers above. It is plastic enough to grow in the hardest of conditions and diagnoses. It is my pleasure to facilitate that growth with the beauty of relational neuroscience and the mind/body connection.

If you or your child has experienced trauma, I can support reprocessing it. If anxiety has become a source of pain for you or your family, I'm here to provide tools. If an ADHD diagnosis is causing discomfort, I can help with strategies that work.

Therapy Sessions
Pink Flower
My Approach

I use an integrative approach that best serves the needs of adults, children, adolescents, and families. I do not believe in a one theory or size fits all approach to counseling, this tends to fit the old adage of “when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”. I most often use a body/mind integrated approach to counseling based on my extensive studies in childhood trauma and Neuroscience. I also utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Bibliotherapy, and Play Therapy approaches. Overall, I meet everyone where they are with empathy and compassion.

About me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, in the State of Colorado. I also have a background in School Counseling, I am licensed in Colorado as a School Counselor.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado and my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. I was an Elementary School Counselor for 6 years. I have also worked in Community Mental Health, Inpatient Psychiatric Services, and Jail Based Services. For a season I also supervised visitations for non-custodial parents…

I guess you could say I’ve done it all!

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